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At Brixtel Defense, we specialize in providing high-quality ammunition and mortar rounds that meet the exacting standards of military, federal civilian agencies, and law enforcement. Our products are meticulously engineered to exceed MIL-SPEC and NATO standards, ensuring they deliver unparalleled precision and lethality across all operational scenarios.

For the military, our munitions are designed for maximum effectiveness, ensuring reliability in the harshest environments and under the most demanding conditions. Each round is crafted to achieve flawless accuracy and superior performance, enhancing the operational capabilities of armed forces

Federal civilian agencies benefit from our tailored solutions that prioritize safety and precision, enabling secure operations in various enforcement and protective roles. Our commitment to rigorous testing and quality control ensures that each batch of ammunition provides consistent performance.

Law enforcement professionals rely on our ammunition for its precision and reliability, which are crucial in maintaining public safety and effective law enforcement. The lethal effectiveness of our rounds ensures that officers have the tools necessary to handle critical situations confidently.

At Brixtel Defense, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of production and safety, ensuring that every client, from military and federal civilian agencies to law enforcement, has access to the best munitions solutions available.
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Ammunition and Fuzes, Artillery and Mortars, Explosives, Powders and Propellants, Missiles, Rockets and Components, Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Glendive, MT
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