Compass Technology Group, LLC
Company Description
Compass Technology Group (CTG) has expertise in microwave and millimeter wave material characterization. We have developed and manufacture laboratory instruments for measuring electromagnetic materials, including free-space focused beam systems that operate from 2 to 100+ GHz and specialized probes for UHF and VHF materials measurements. We also have developed non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for use in manufacturing or repair depot environments. Our NDT offerings include wide bandwidth microwave and millimeter wave spot probes for measuring reflection or transmission of components such as radomes, transparencies, or other composite structures. These sensors can be used as handheld tools or as end-of-arm-tooling on robotic scanning equipment. In addition to off-the-shelf equipment, we also specialize in custom solutions, including both hardware and software. We also provide contract material measurement services from our diverse range of material measurement systems.

Compass Technology Group is a women-veteran-owned engineering small business focused on turning innovative ideas into useful products. We revel in solving the hardest RF material measurement problems and approach every challenge with both inside and outside-of-the-box thinking.
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Alpharetta, GA
United States