D&M Holding Company, Inc.
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D&M Holding Company, through its subsidiaries D&M Ammunition Manufacturing Solutions and White River Energetics (WRE), is the global leader in delivering fully equipped solutions for ammunition, primer, and propellant manufacturing facilities. D&M has successfully designed, built, and managed some of the most advanced ammunition factories around the globe, for both private and government entities. US headquarters are in Tampa, Florida, with state-of-the-art facilities in Cabot, Arkansas, staffed by a team of over 100 ammunition manufacturing industry professionals. Unique to the industry is our 24/7 worldwide support with rapid response teams.

D&M’s complete ammunition line implementation experience includes projectile and cartridge case manufacturing; primer plant design, construction and startup including metallics production, automated primer mix process, and assembly & packaging cells; and propellant plan design, construction, and startup.

Through its 15,000 sq.ft state-of-the-art facility in Arkansas, WRE manufactures small arms primers, including rifle magnum primers for a wide range of domestic and international clients in defense and sporting markets
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Tampa, FL
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