Aivot Robotics
Company Description
AIVOT builds intelligent humanoid robots to perform various complex tasks in dynamic environments using the latest AI advancements. The robots can navigate autonomously with their mobile bases and perform dexterous tasks using their two arms. They learn new skills by listening to spoken instructions and watching human demos. The robots follow operators' voice commands and act using vision. The robots can perceive the dynamic world state, understand the task context, and plan actions to accomplish the specified goals. They can be instructed to keep humans in the loop for strategic decision-making when the conditions arise.

The software can also be deployed on any third-party hardware and unmanned systems. The robots do all the processing onboard without requiring any network connection.
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Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Mine Clearance, Logistics, Transportation, Supply and Spares, Manufacturing, Engineering and Test Equipment, Unmanned Systems
Seattle, WA
United States