Auterion Government Solutions
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Auterion Government Solutions revolutionizes how robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) operate, collaborate and conduct complex missions within the same ecosystem using the same operator to system interface and controls regardless of system type. Our software platform is a hardware-agnostic, interoperable operating system trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense, OGAs, and partner nations. Our software platform consists of two core components: AuterionOS— a real-time, Linux- based operating system— & a PX4-based flight control software solution. With this platform, we are building the infrastructure where autonomous capabilities, sensors, payloads, and new AI algorithms can pollinate across a diverse fleet of vehicles made by different manufacturers.
The result? Warfighters that are prepared to face tomorrow's challenges with a diverse robotics ecosystem at their fingertips, and the ability to choose onboard applications for mission- specific smart autonomous behaviors such as AI/ML- based GPS-denied navigation, computer vision, and object detection and classification.
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Woodland Hills, CA
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