C.E. Niehoff & Co.
Company Description
C.E. Niehoff & Co. is a privately held American company that is a world leader in the design and manufacture of heavy duty brushless alternators. These alternators are designed to provide high power, minimize downtime and maximize operating efficiency in the most demanding applications. Alternator models are also customized for niche markets to suit a wide range of engines, support a wide range of output capabilities and include a variety of market specific features. CEN also designs and manufactures a wide variety of products including alternators, voltage regulators, battery isolators, transient protection devices, automatic throttle controls, battery equalizers, battery monitors and smart battery sensor. CEN technology supports high power, integrated electrical systems including lead acid, li-ion & other battery types.
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Electrical Equipment, Batteries and Power Supply, Electronics, Subsystems and Components, Manufacturing, Engineering and Test Equipment
Evanston, IL
United States